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Your Home and Marijuana, Good Spots to Smoke

Part of keeping your house clean when you’re using marijuana should be proactive. That means not smoking in places where you’re going to create a mess that you’re going to have to clean up in a location where cleaning is going to be difficult and complex.

The Dirt on Marijuana
Marijuana is going to create specific types of messes that you’re going to have to clean up when you’re done smoking. It will create:

Bud crumbs
Dirty accessories
Cleaning pipes and other accessories can be done in different ways, but here are some things to consider about where you should smoke in your home and how to reduce mess.

Avoid Computers and Electronics
Smoking anything at your computer is a bad idea. The ashes get into everything and smoking anything does produce particulate matter that can end up being part of the dust that clogs up your computer. Try to stay away from anything electronic when you smoke and you’ll find cleanup a lot easier. If your electronics do become dirty:

Clean computer screens only with actual screen cleaner or plain warm water
Use canned air to blow ash out of keyboards
Clean out your computer’s case with canned air
This should get rid of the dust and debris that sometimes collect in electronic gear when you smoke around it.

Use Your Head
Even though you have a legitimate and legal reason to have marijuana doesn’t mean that everyone around you is going to be okay with it. If you have nosy neighbors who live nearby, remember that smoking in front of your entryway means that they can probably smell it outside the house.

Marijuana smell seems very faint to people who smoke regularly, but is very strong to those who do not. Be sure you smoke somewhere that windows and doors will not give you away, if necessary. The bathroom with the fan on is usually a good choice in apartments.

If you have an outdoor space where you can smoke without anyone else catching wind of it, this can be very relaxing and keeps you from really having to clean anything at all. Just be careful not to set fires.

Some rooms in your home are a lot easier to clean than others by design. For instance, your kitchen floor is probably easier to clean than your living room floor, because the kitchen floor was laid down with the expectation that things would get spilled on it all the time. Kitchens, utility rooms and other rooms where a mess is part of the design are good places to smoke. If you’re comfortable smoking in the house, the living room can be good, but have a tray to catch all the debris from rolling and packing bowls and make sure you have a good ashtray for the ash.

If you put an air filter close to where you smoke and run it while you do smoke, you’ll find that the smell diminishes considerably and that some of the smoke particulate gets caught by the filter.

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