Tuesday, 19 January, 2021

A Stable Solution for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a term used to describe a variety of symptoms arising from motion or simulated motions. Technical description of motion sickness is that it is a condition where disagreement between the visually perceived movement and the vestibular system, a part of the inner ear, sense of movement. Depending on the cause the common types of motion sickness are sea sickness, car sickness and airsickness. In the case or airsickness, this arises as a person feels the motion but cannot actually see it.

Common symptoms or telltale signs of motion sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness. On some occasions, sweating may occur as well as other symptoms. It has been said that vomiting as a response to motion sickness is part of the body’s defense mechanism. This happens when a person gets too drunk due to excessive alcohol intake this creates a spinning sensation and vomiting is the body’s way of expelling the poison, the excess alcohol. As motion sickness caused by conflict between vision and balance, in the case of looking outside a ship’s window while aboard it, the inner ear perceives the motion and transmits it to the brain, however the eye sends signals to the brain that everything is still. Because of this conflict the brain concludes that there is hallucination caused by neurotoxins thus triggering the vomiting to expel the supposed poison.

When experiencing motion sickness during travelling, the common suggestion is to minimize head and body movement, avoiding sudden stops and jerks, keeping the head still, focus on a distant stationary object on the horizon, getting fresh air if possible, not to overeat, avoiding greasy, spicy and alcohol and staying calm. Available medications to manage this are taking medicines which usually contains dimenhydrinate. Antihistamines can also be used although slightly effective. Ginger is also touted to manage motion sickness. This can be taken either by sucking or sipping ginger tea. Alternative treatments are the wearing of acupressure bands and the use medical marijuana.

Marijuana as a medication is nothing new. The use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives for medicinal purposes is documented in both western and eastern cultures and history. There are records to indicate that this has been used by the ancient Chinese in their traditional medical rituals as well as in cultures in ancient Egypt and other early cultures.

Medical marijuana helps in managing motion sickness as it has a calming effect thereby reducing the stress experienced during travelling. Available methods for medical marijuana is either be taking a pill or through inhalation, like smoking. Taking the pill though may take some time for the body to ingest and as such its effects may not be immediately experienced. Also, a person already experiencing nausea or vomiting finds it hard to swallow, thus inhalation seems to be preferred form of intake.

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