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rso oil cancer

Can Cannabis Be Used For Treating Cancer?

September 13, 2019 admin

In the fifth part in the series ‘Myths of Cancer’ issues by the SIO Research Committee, misconceptions and myths regarding cancer and its treatment are busted. The blog mainly focuses on revealing the truth of the myth, which states cannabis as Read more…

cbd oil for anxiety

How Can You Benefit From CBD Oil For Anxiety?

July 26, 2019 admin

Since many years, a large number of people are using CBD oil for anxiety and tension relief. However, research is still on progress whether cannabis oil, hemp oil or marijuana items depict a viable treatment for depression, anxiety and strain, Read more…

Your Home and Marijuana, Good Spots to Smoke

May 11, 2019 admin

Part of keeping your house clean when you’re using marijuana should be proactive. That means not smoking in places where you’re going to create a mess that you’re going to have to clean up in a location where cleaning is Read more…

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: An Alternative Treatment for Bipolar Disorders

April 13, 2019 admin

Bipolar Disorders are medical conditions where individuals experience the extremes of mood polarity. Traditionally, it is also known as manic-depressive disorder or mood swings. According to the Psychodynamic Theory, faulty family dynamics during early life are responsible for manic behaviors Read more…